I took the half day off from work to enrol at my alma mater. I was a bit anxious, not that I am venturing into graduate studies, but seeing my school again after twenty-five years. What surprises are in it for me.


Going through the popular “South Gate” was a breeze as it has been made wider than before plus a CCTV cam is installed by the gate. I walked through the first corridor of the main building and that moment brought so much memories. For three years, I passed by that corridor for only a handful of times since my classmates and I would normally take the back door. (It was during the years when the first light rail transit system was being constructed.)


I went up and proceeded to the Office of the Vice-Dean to do my business. Too bad, the VD wasn’t around. Her staff assisted me. However, it took a while…no…a long time before they can proceed with my assessment since my school records were pre-1989, the year they computerized all students’ records.


I felt helpless but couldn’t assist them in any way. I have totally forgotten my undergraduate and graduate school identification number. The first lady staff had no choice but to pass on my record to her superior. But then, the superior likewise had no idea how to extract my records in the system. She had literally taken the hard copy of my “past university life” from the records department from another building. After over an hour, it was only then when my datea was keyed in the university’s databank. All this time, I just sat down inside their office, aimelessly looking outside the window, trying to reminisce. It felt good 🙂 .


My name was called and was asked what courses have I taken during my initial attempt to earn an MBA. Goodness, I can vaguely recall. Those were just pre-MBA subjects. At any rate, I requested for a copy of the flowchart and a description of the course code so I can decide which two I should initially enrol in. I thought that taking 2 “easy” subjects can give me a feel of how it is to be back in coursework. But then, the superior at the vice-dean’s office can not give me an answer and just enrolled me in Information Management and Management Statistics. I couldn’t have it changed any longer (at that point) as she has clicked my way to the class of the department heads even before I can open my mouth. The most I got to say is to take my first 2 subject at the campus close to my office.


True enough, she did what I said and was asked to get my assessment form from the Registrar’s office. I read through the form, was given the student’s handbook and was asked to proceed to the Cashier’s window. I did not settle the dues of course. I am still going through another set of exams in Algebra, Finance Math, Calculus, Statistics and Accounting in mid-May at the other university I am applying at. As if the GPAT wasn’t enought last February 8, a proficiency exam is required. And the above subjects are the ones I hate the most!

Going back, I slowly left the Registrar’s office and went to the Chess Plaza, sat down and looked around the vicinity while enjoying the wind mindlessly blowing within the campus.

A lot has changed, new buildings added, the campus expanded. But one thing remains, the good memories I had back then.