It has been a long while since I touched my digital single-lens reflex camera. I got my unit one holiday in May 2007 (I believe that was election day–yeah, I did not vote. Never did since the 1992 presidential elections, but that’s another story.) in one of the stores along Hidalgo Street, Manila.

I was so excited with the new toy since I have only used point & shoots all my life. I even enrolled in a basic photography class with the Federation of Philippine Photographers Association in Intramuros, Manila. It was a 5-Sunday whole day class tutored by institutions in the local photography industry with the likes of Ms. Cecilia Angeles, Mr. Ador Pamintuan and with guest lecturer, Mr. Toch Arellano (who took the pictures for the Annual of my undergraduate degree from the Archers’ Campus). Too bad, I failed to attend all 3 of 5 lecture and photo shoot days because of work.

Then just last night as I was fixing up my place, I saw my 5 million Crumpler bag collecting dust in a corner. Then I thought, my gadget has gone to waste. It has become more expensive since I have not utilized what I have purchased for years! So I dropped what I was doing and cleaned the exterior part of the camera and the kit lens, the charger, USB cables and the bag.

Now I can’t wait for the coming weekend and take sample shots. I just hope what comes out is worthy enough to be posted in my blog.