My much-awaited episode every Idol season. And why not? I am a certified CHILD OF THE 70s. Woohooo!!!

Down to business —

Lil Rounds – Not comparable at all to Chaka Khan and Whitney Houston’s “I’m Every Woman”. Simon is right, it’ll be her last. (And please let it be her last time defending herself!)

Kris Allen – He definitely worked hard to choose the right song, right arrangement and gave it his own style. Just perfect!

Danny Gokey – Very danceable. Vocally great but I disagree with Simon’s comment that the widow lacked star quality. His stage presence is effervescent.

Allison Irahita – Hot voice, hot mini dress, hot stuff! Really. And way better than the past weeks.

Adam Lambert – What was he thinking?!?!?!?!? Can someone define D.I.S.C.O. to this guy? He has gone overboard in “owning a song”. “Honey, there is only one David Cook!”

Matt Giraud – “Stayin’ Alive” to stay alive in the competition. It is better than last week when Matt almost got the boot. Sad to say, this song, though engaging, won’t keep him in the running. I just find it too dry.

Anoop Desai – I am beginning to doubt my musical prowess. I do not recall the Disco Queen singing this track. Surprising to see and hear “Anoopdawg” taking “Dim All The Lights” and he worked it out to a certain extent. It just lacked ..uh…Ooomph! Not his best but gave the other Top 6 stiff competition. I love the 5 o’clock shadow 🙂 though he should have chosen a paler shade of pink. 😉

Bottom 3

and…I don’t like it but Anoop. (Though I hope it’s Allison.)

And Lil and Matt should go home.