Just got out of an abbreviated management meeting. It was so since our projector conked out “without notice” and worksheets can not be flashed on screen.

It was our fiscal year-end meet to show how we perfomed for the year. Results need another post but I wouldn’t go there. But part of the agenda is the change of our payroll dates beginning next month.

Instead of the usual 15th and 30th pay checks (we follow two days before said dates), management has decided for a 10th and 25th payday schedule. This is mainly for the convenience of the finance and accounting department who regularly rush month-end results for the corporate and regional offices and for the projections to be made for the succeeding month.

It isn’t really much trouble for me to do it, a week’s adjustment works fine. Except for the first payroll processing that would have more than 15 days worth of pay, the succeeding processing would be a normal as the old schedule.

But it amused me (and a colleague I was sitting beside in the conference room) because the new payroll dates are now similar to our sales ladies in retail outlets, maintenance and warehouse personnel. Ha ha ha….

It may feel different at first but it’s just a matter of getting the hang of it. Looking at the bright side, I can shop on non-payday weekends when malls aren’t crowded. 🙂