Kevyn Lettau has been so well-loved by Filipino fans for years. Not many know that she actually started as a vocalist of a popular Brazilian group, Sergio Mendez, after she was discovered by Al Jarreau. When she embarked on a solo career after years with Brazill ’77, her first two albums “Kevyn Lettau” and “Braziljazz” made her so well-known in Japan and the Philippines thus widening her global appeal outside of the United States.

A lot of us are so familiar with the track, “Sunlight” — an uplifting song accompanied by a very soft and melodious tune. A number of local artist have performed that Lettau signature song and some even recorded it.  

She is currently in Manila promoting her new album, “What Is Enough?”, a collaboration with longtime musician-friend, Peter Sprague.


I was surprised this morning when she  and her sister-manager dropped by the office. After several days this week of mall performances, autograph signing, radio rounds and press interviews, she took a day’s break to have lunch with my office colleagues at Sonia’s Garden, Tagaytay. Before taking the long trip, she decided to come by the office and talk to most of us.

Obviously, as in every instance when artists come by, everyone gets into the much-awaited “picture-taking” mode. Here is one of the clearer shots taken by my office mate. A P & S was used, I failed to bring my cam. 😦

I am not in the picture. I was on the phone –my conference call commenced a few  minutes before I was called to join in.

I’d probably just see her tomorrow at her hotel.