It has come to an end — at least for another season. I got a bit sentimental because it will take another 7 long months when Season 9 opens in January 2010. Instead of making a lengthy analysis of the 3 performances of Adam Lambert and Kris Allen, I thought it best to post my comments from an entry from a friend’s blog — 

Here it goes:

I like that “Broadway Diva” thingy! Ha ha ha….

Viewed on-line. Round 1 is really for Kris. There is just too much drama surrounding Mad World. Adam was good but I got so distracted with all the stage effects. And that trench! What was missing was a long train.

Still viewing Round 2 when I get the chance. I really can’t do much with volume inside my room unless I’d let people know I’m glued with Idol.

Round 2. This I am not really sure. It is obvious that Adam has powerful chords but Kris gets the emotion in his performance.

I think it’s a tie.

(have got to get to my meeting; viewing Round 3 tonight)

Round 3. Viewed it three times, online at work after my meeting, at the 8 pm StarWorld and the 8:30 pm QTV telecasts and maybe one more time at 11 pm at Starworld. (Addict? Yes I am!)

I won’t comment about Kara’s song (with Cathy Dennis from the 80s) because it doesn’t sound like a contest piece. Heck, “Home Sweet Home” would have been better! (Ok, I commented about it after all.)

Two different renditions both highly commended. Without being too biased, Adam gave a powerful rendition given his vocal strength. But I can not discount the fact that Kris’ version is very effective and the lyrics and melody (probably a “centimeter” octave lower) fit his personality. His vocal stylings, though obviously having great difficulty,gets as close to how the song should be interpreted.

Down to its finale, it is anyone’s ball game. I estimate it will be a close fight. My choice is Kris. But having Adam as the winner is fine by me too, but not as ecstatic than if Kris grabs it.

Thank you blog owner for allowing me to do such lengthy commentary that started in parts this morning. And I would like to make this as an entry in my blog with your kind permission.

So there.