After the Idol fever, I haven’t done any entry in my blog. Missing it badly.

The past two weeks have just been so tight with work and school. Ah yes! I am really back in the classroom. It really felt so weird (and scary) during the first week. I did not know what to expect. I am not sure how I will adapt to the setting I have been used to for 14 years! And how I can bring back my unique talent of “taking-down-notes-while-looking-and-listening-to-the-professor”.

What I was scared about were really not who my classmates will be ( I was positive they are all younger than I am) but the two courses I enrolled this trimester — Management Statistics and Information Management. Both have math and analysis in them – two of the things I totally despise in coursework even as a kid.

At any rate, my Stat class went well during the first meeting starting with the usual “Introduce yourself to the class” thingy. And by no means did I expect that I’d be the first one to be called. Hmmp!

Then the professor started to walk us through his expectations , the 14 week schedule, the assignments and group presentations we should expect, his grading system, his high regard to punctuality and professionalism, and the University’s values. And the three core values were made part of the research we need to do. Uh…duh? Religio, Mores, Cultura.

Later in the week was the infomation management class. I was amused as soon as the professor stepped in class. He has a striking resemblance with the comedy king! 🙂 Really!

Similar to Monday’s session in Stat, everyone had their turn in introducing themselves. I noticed that a number of students can not even speak fluently. How come? I would understand the two Koreans and the Chinese classmates for not being so confident with their verbal skills. But locals? I really have to ask again. How come?

Anyway, what was funny (read: woke up the class) during the first session was the election of officers. There were 7 posts up for grabs: President, VP-Internal, VP-External, Secretary, Treasurer, PRO, Auditor. Nothing really strange about this, huh? It’s common in High School, right? But no! There were 7 positions and we were only 8 in class!

So it was time to nominate. No one wanted to start it off. How can we? We do not even know each other! It ‘s true that we introduced ourselves. But I do not think anyone of us have memorized every single name during the 30 second intro of each.

So Professor Comedy King found a solution. He’ll be raffling off the posts using the class cards. Wise move! (yeah it is on the only way unless he wants to be a dictator and appoint.)  He said the first name called takes the highest post and the last will take the lowest. Of course, one will have no position. (Lucky guy!)

Hmmm, I do not know what has come over me that moment but I voiced out by saying “Why don’t the first person called take the first post of PRO while the last takes the presidency?” He agreed and the class did, too (or so I think unless they really could not care less).

While names were picked and announced, I was really hoping that my name be called so I can just have a n0t-so-important role outside the classroom. But lo and behold! Me, who is so unlucky in any raffle draw since birth, was the last name called and was officially declared the Class President! Crap!

And my first function — To lead the final prayer after class. Ha ha ha!!!

Oh well, all in a day’s work, er class.