I wondered how it is like to be alone. It is true that I have lived alone for the past 15 years. Practical reasons made me leave the home I grew up in. I have forgone having household help taking care of my needs, a kin whom I had constant fights with until my teens but what I especially miss is having my parents’ presence to constantly ask me how I am.

I never regretted living alone. It was my declaration of independence. My growing up years were so cloistered that having a place all by myself was just liberating. But living alone had its limits. I may have gotten used to having no one to live with but as I have aged, I wonder once again how is it like living “alone”.


This post has been in my draft since the weekend. I can’t bring to continue writing down what’s in my mind. I suppose I should just stop from here. (and maybe continue when my mind is clearer)