Just got home from another draining Statistics class. Before the session started, I stepped out of get get my Mac from my car. (I forgot the formulas in my powerpoint for the case presentation tonight.)

As I walked in class, the professor was discussing make-up class schedules. I thought it was for the first 10-day hiatus of the school due to Influenza A H1N1. I was surprised that it was for a new 10-day quarantine, this time at the Greenhills campus. Apparently, another case has striken a student from the Grade School Department the the Department of Health and the school administration thought it wise to close for health reasons.

On the bright side, I will be spared for over a week for a case presentation in Information Management this Thursday. The downside, though, is another set of make-up classes. The first three Fridays of the July have been earmarked for my Infoman course. Now there will be more including my Stat class.

Oh well, the next ten days won’t be relaxing for me. Need to catch up on binomial, hypergeometric and poisson probability distribution. I totally don not understand them. Heck I can’t even recall variances, standard deviation and probability formulas. 😦

Wish me luck.