After a quarter since the last, I had my second eye perimetry exam this afternoon. And so did my Mom. We arrived at Asian Hospital just in time for the prescribed schedule.

I was sleepy through out the procedure that the technician was asking me to keep my eyes open. I couldn’t help but fall asleep. 🙂

After the result was printed, I went up to our opthalmologist’s clinic for a reading. I was browsing my results while walking towards the clinic. My right eye is normal while my left is below the normal and acceptable range. It felt scary, I might have “inherited” Mom’s glaucoma. It is possible since it is hereditary and I was diagnosed to be a suspect from my first test.

My Mom, with my brother, was already there waiting for the forever-tardy doctor. While waiting, the doctor’s assistant had done preliminary checks with my Mom’s eye so that when I arrived, it was my turn. As Ms. Assistant was done, the doctor walked in and started working on my case. He did not like what he saw. He recommended a repeat of the left eye perimetry. And so I did. This time, I tried so hard not to fall asleep. After browsing the new test printout, results revealed that it is within normal range.

With the results turning out well, the doctor scheduled my next perimetry exam on April 10, 2010. Cool!

However, there is a downside. My lenses need to be refracted. Both eyes’ grades have increased by 50. And add to that, I was recommended (but not necessarily so) to use progressive lenses.

I think this is inevitable. At some point in our lives, we need to use one. In my case, I can still be spared as I’d normally take off my glasses when I’m at work or when reading at home. I only wear them when I go out of my home and drive.

But then again, I am having difficulty viewing the white board and taking down notes or doing assigned exercises in class. I get to put on and take off my Os intermittently and it is getting to be bothersome. So I decided to have my lenses refracted and made into progressive types. Two weeks in the making, I should be able to adjust my eyes with those new ojos in a couple of months.

Talk about getting old. 🙂