I have not been updating my blog as often as I used too. I miss it actually and at times I have thoughts to write but opt not to as my studies take top priority.

I look forward to every class meeting. It is difficult and time consuming to prepare before each class especially when one has a full time job. A lot of chapters have to be read plus case studies to be submitted weekly. However, I feel fulfilled every time I learn something new and when I reap the fruits of my labor. I can say I do not really mind the tall order.

However, at my Statistics class tonight, I can not help but feel frustrated and annoyed as the professor breezed through 4 topics in three hours. From the course syllabus, these item should take 4 class meetings. At first, I thought I could not blame him with several class meeting suspensions happening this trimester brought by two 10-day swine flu quarantines, a number of non-working holidays plus one time when he had a family emergency to attend to.

I am perfectly aware that as a graduate student, advanced readings should be consciously done. However, each class session is an opportunity for us to interact or even make queries to the lecturer for details that may be left unclear. This particular night, the lecturer just breezed through all the topics, of which should be made part of the final term paper, without even asking if everything was understood.

For the first time when class ended, I felt that there was something missing.It was only when i was driving home that I just realized that I just have to cope and work double time until the finals next week.

I am ranting, I just need to end this here.