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The past school year has taken much of my “blogging” time. And now that I have gone through my first full year, I have roughly five weeks to write about my thoughts in my sanctuary.

More soon.


Freedom is part of a relationship and so does sensitivity.

Indifference bloats leading to arguments.

It is healthier to discuss than be silent.

Nothing can be resolved if  either will keep mum.

As the Catholic Church begins its liturgical year with the 4 Sundays of Advent, what does this really mean for all of us?

Advent is a period of preparation for the birth of Christ. But more importantly, it is our time to prepare for the coming of Christ into our lives.

Let us all remember that more than shopping and gift-giving at Christmas, we should celebrate this season in cleansing ourselves and letting Jesus Christ in our hearts. It may be such a difficult task and a heavy responsibility to bear. But each on of us should start from somewhere.

Besides, when your time has come, it is only Him who can save you from inequities in your borrowed life.

If you were invited for something, just anything, and you accepted the invitation, what is the least you should do?

At times, showing (not even saying) appreciation is appropriate. But not even talking or acknowledging the host or pretending that the host never existed is way out of line bordering on disrespect.

A simple gesture showing courtesy would have been better.

Just a thought.

I have not been updating my blog as often as I used too. I miss it actually and at times I have thoughts to write but opt not to as my studies take top priority.

I look forward to every class meeting. It is difficult and time consuming to prepare before each class especially when one has a full time job. A lot of chapters have to be read plus case studies to be submitted weekly. However, I feel fulfilled every time I learn something new and when I reap the fruits of my labor. I can say I do not really mind the tall order.

However, at my Statistics class tonight, I can not help but feel frustrated and annoyed as the professor breezed through 4 topics in three hours. From the course syllabus, these item should take 4 class meetings. At first, I thought I could not blame him with several class meeting suspensions happening this trimester brought by two 10-day swine flu quarantines, a number of non-working holidays plus one time when he had a family emergency to attend to.

I am perfectly aware that as a graduate student, advanced readings should be consciously done. However, each class session is an opportunity for us to interact or even make queries to the lecturer for details that may be left unclear. This particular night, the lecturer just breezed through all the topics, of which should be made part of the final term paper, without even asking if everything was understood.

For the first time when class ended, I felt that there was something missing.It was only when i was driving home that I just realized that I just have to cope and work double time until the finals next week.

I am ranting, I just need to end this here.


I tend to find myself in this situation every Monday and Thursday just before my classes. I hate it.


I am not sure if I can still say that I am still getting the hang of school work. I just find it difficult and entails so much of my time.

Looking on the bright side, I get elated when I see the rewards. 


But just the same, I hate cramming. It seems there is always a lack of precious time. It’s either that or I have failed managing it wisely.


Just got home from another draining Statistics class. Before the session started, I stepped out of get get my Mac from my car. (I forgot the formulas in my powerpoint for the case presentation tonight.)

As I walked in class, the professor was discussing make-up class schedules. I thought it was for the first 10-day hiatus of the school due to Influenza A H1N1. I was surprised that it was for a new 10-day quarantine, this time at the Greenhills campus. Apparently, another case has striken a student from the Grade School Department the the Department of Health and the school administration thought it wise to close for health reasons.

On the bright side, I will be spared for over a week for a case presentation in Information Management this Thursday. The downside, though, is another set of make-up classes. The first three Fridays of the July have been earmarked for my Infoman course. Now there will be more including my Stat class.

Oh well, the next ten days won’t be relaxing for me. Need to catch up on binomial, hypergeometric and poisson probability distribution. I totally don not understand them. Heck I can’t even recall variances, standard deviation and probability formulas. 😦

Wish me luck.

I wondered how it is like to be alone. It is true that I have lived alone for the past 15 years. Practical reasons made me leave the home I grew up in. I have forgone having household help taking care of my needs, a kin whom I had constant fights with until my teens but what I especially miss is having my parents’ presence to constantly ask me how I am.

I never regretted living alone. It was my declaration of independence. My growing up years were so cloistered that having a place all by myself was just liberating. But living alone had its limits. I may have gotten used to having no one to live with but as I have aged, I wonder once again how is it like living “alone”.


This post has been in my draft since the weekend. I can’t bring to continue writing down what’s in my mind. I suppose I should just stop from here. (and maybe continue when my mind is clearer)

Just as I have just posted earlier the beginning of classes, the university suspended classes for over a week due to an A H1N1 case reported by the Department of Health from an exchange student at the Main Campus.

Even if I attend classes in a different campus, still all classes at all levels at all campuses were suspended.

I can just imagine the workdload that will be given to us on-line by our professors.

As long as everyone is safe, a little sacrifice won’t hurt.

After the Idol fever, I haven’t done any entry in my blog. Missing it badly.

The past two weeks have just been so tight with work and school. Ah yes! I am really back in the classroom. It really felt so weird (and scary) during the first week. I did not know what to expect. I am not sure how I will adapt to the setting I have been used to for 14 years! And how I can bring back my unique talent of “taking-down-notes-while-looking-and-listening-to-the-professor”.

What I was scared about were really not who my classmates will be ( I was positive they are all younger than I am) but the two courses I enrolled this trimester — Management Statistics and Information Management. Both have math and analysis in them – two of the things I totally despise in coursework even as a kid.

At any rate, my Stat class went well during the first meeting starting with the usual “Introduce yourself to the class” thingy. And by no means did I expect that I’d be the first one to be called. Hmmp!

Then the professor started to walk us through his expectations , the 14 week schedule, the assignments and group presentations we should expect, his grading system, his high regard to punctuality and professionalism, and the University’s values. And the three core values were made part of the research we need to do. Uh…duh? Religio, Mores, Cultura.

Later in the week was the infomation management class. I was amused as soon as the professor stepped in class. He has a striking resemblance with the comedy king! 🙂 Really!

Similar to Monday’s session in Stat, everyone had their turn in introducing themselves. I noticed that a number of students can not even speak fluently. How come? I would understand the two Koreans and the Chinese classmates for not being so confident with their verbal skills. But locals? I really have to ask again. How come?

Anyway, what was funny (read: woke up the class) during the first session was the election of officers. There were 7 posts up for grabs: President, VP-Internal, VP-External, Secretary, Treasurer, PRO, Auditor. Nothing really strange about this, huh? It’s common in High School, right? But no! There were 7 positions and we were only 8 in class!

So it was time to nominate. No one wanted to start it off. How can we? We do not even know each other! It ‘s true that we introduced ourselves. But I do not think anyone of us have memorized every single name during the 30 second intro of each.

So Professor Comedy King found a solution. He’ll be raffling off the posts using the class cards. Wise move! (yeah it is on the only way unless he wants to be a dictator and appoint.)  He said the first name called takes the highest post and the last will take the lowest. Of course, one will have no position. (Lucky guy!)

Hmmm, I do not know what has come over me that moment but I voiced out by saying “Why don’t the first person called take the first post of PRO while the last takes the presidency?” He agreed and the class did, too (or so I think unless they really could not care less).

While names were picked and announced, I was really hoping that my name be called so I can just have a n0t-so-important role outside the classroom. But lo and behold! Me, who is so unlucky in any raffle draw since birth, was the last name called and was officially declared the Class President! Crap!

And my first function — To lead the final prayer after class. Ha ha ha!!!

Oh well, all in a day’s work, er class.

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