Freedom is part of a relationship and so does sensitivity.

Indifference bloats leading to arguments.

It is healthier to discuss than be silent.

Nothing can be resolved if  either will keep mum.


She did it again! I just love her. 🙂

An Oscar shouldn’t be too far behind.

I am so thrilled for Sandy’s win.  Stereotyped in comedic roles, her dual nomination for comedy and drama at the 67th Golden Globes and eventually winning the drama plum has proven herself worthy across a diverse set of film genre.

The Oscars should not be far behind.

It has been 45 years! Through my successes and failures, I hope I have become a better person. I am grateful for this Gift of Life. The gifts of family, friends and my soulmate. Thank you.

And to my Creator, I entrust everything in Your Holy Name.

It is going to be a wonderful day.

As the Catholic Church begins its liturgical year with the 4 Sundays of Advent, what does this really mean for all of us?

Advent is a period of preparation for the birth of Christ. But more importantly, it is our time to prepare for the coming of Christ into our lives.

Let us all remember that more than shopping and gift-giving at Christmas, we should celebrate this season in cleansing ourselves and letting Jesus Christ in our hearts. It may be such a difficult task and a heavy responsibility to bear. But each on of us should start from somewhere.

Besides, when your time has come, it is only Him who can save you from inequities in your borrowed life.

25 years ago today, I set foot for the first time inside then Far East Bank & Trust Company – Midtown Hotel Ramada branch. This was my first job after earning my degree.

It’s nice to look back. My stint with the bank was the best I have ever experienced. It was there that I found the greatest friends one can have.

It’s back! Peppermint Mocha, Dark Cherry Mocha Latte and Toffee Nut Latte. Yum!

And the Sticker card issued for today at all branches come with one sticker slot free. Yay!

So it’s just 17 sticker slots to fill up. My first card has 14 stickers to go and I can choose 1 of 3 2010 Limited Edition Starbucks Coffee Planner.

Each of the planner is basically the same, wider than their 2009 version, three cover designs and textures and with date spaces vertically printed.

It’s Christmas in a cup!

I had the privilege of watching s private screening of the worldwide two-week commercial showing of the Michael Jackson documentary. 

The production of his supposed 50-city London concert was nothing short of innovative and well-researched. It was certainly one big musical event that will be missed.

I am not a fan. But like what my colleagues in the industry said, “you would be once you watch the film.”



I went to Digital Hub – V-Mall this noon and had my unopened 1-week-old, orange, 5th Gen Ipod Nano into this.

nano-purpleNice, don’t you think?

After the DH staff, Grace, assisted me with the replacement, I then got a


Apple Mini-Display Port to VGA Adaptor

Nicer! Now I don’t have to use the thick, old laptop at my classroom for case presentations. Mac is the way to go!!! 🙂

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