It was a midnight flight from NYC to LAX. I thought there's just be a few people on board. After 5 passengers (including myself) were on board, a hoard of Jews boarded and filled up the aircraft. I really didn't mind, BUT, they were all on their feet moving from one place to another, loudly chatting and opening overhead bins repeatedly from take off till touchdown. The crew couldn't contain them.

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A mug of freshly brewed coffee is a must!

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1. Cash/Cards – for obvious reasons

2. iPhone – needless to say

3. Rosary

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1. Long queues.

2. People in line at any fastfood joint who can not decide what to order. (Good Lord, this isn't fine dining!)

3. Lack of common sense.

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My latest fruit. Loving it!

The start of something new. Leave the negative behind and face the new challenges with a smile.

I can not say that I am an Apple fan even if I have several iPods of each generation and my last two notebooks (including my current MacbookPro) were products of Steve Jobs’ Cupertino team.

I have always been partial to Nokia phones from the very day I started using a mobile phone in the late 90s. I have digressed to a Sony Ericsson once and regretted it. So it has been the Finnish mobile phone that has always satisfied me.

But then, there was an opportunity for me to grab the latest iPhone 4 from my carrier. And I must say, the three hour wait at my carrier’s showroom that 24th night of September was all worth it. The iPhone is the best unit I have ever used in all my “cellphone” life. 🙂

I love my Mom!

The past school year has taken much of my “blogging” time. And now that I have gone through my first full year, I have roughly five weeks to write about my thoughts in my sanctuary.

More soon.


Absolutely glamorous!

*Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez

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