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It was a midnight flight from NYC to LAX. I thought there's just be a few people on board. After 5 passengers (including myself) were on board, a hoard of Jews boarded and filled up the aircraft. I really didn't mind, BUT, they were all on their feet moving from one place to another, loudly chatting and opening overhead bins repeatedly from take off till touchdown. The crew couldn't contain them.

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A mug of freshly brewed coffee is a must!

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1. Cash/Cards – for obvious reasons

2. iPhone – needless to say

3. Rosary

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1. Long queues.

2. People in line at any fastfood joint who can not decide what to order. (Good Lord, this isn't fine dining!)

3. Lack of common sense.

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I can not say that I am an Apple fan even if I have several iPods of each generation and my last two notebooks (including my current MacbookPro) were products of Steve Jobs’ Cupertino team.

I have always been partial to Nokia phones from the very day I started using a mobile phone in the late 90s. I have digressed to a Sony Ericsson once and regretted it. So it has been the Finnish mobile phone that has always satisfied me.

But then, there was an opportunity for me to grab the latest iPhone 4 from my carrier. And I must say, the three hour wait at my carrier’s showroom that 24th night of September was all worth it. The iPhone is the best unit I have ever used in all my “cellphone” life. 🙂

This was supposed to be my first post at my wordpress blog. But for some reason, I couldn’t publish such.

At any rate, I hope my readers from blogspot would continue following what I have to share in my new home. 


I don’t know what’s got into me. As I was driving home last night, I had a thought. I felt like giving something to colleagues at work. Since it’s the day of hearts on Saturday and Friday is the last work day to see them, I thought of giving something nice to perk up the ladies’ morning.

As soon as I got to work earlier than everyone, I place 1 long-stemmed Ecuadorian rose on the desks of all female employees. Then I waited as people started to trickle to work. Obviously, no one knew who gave them the flower.

I thought of keeping it that way so that everyone will wonder. I just wanted to see their faces, how they will react and be totally clueless.

However, our office security dampened…rather spoiled my plan when someone asked him who brought in flowers early in the morning. So there, my identity was spilled out.

Anyway, the ladies came to my room one by one to thank me….not really everyone but at least 70% of them. The rest have yet to arrive at work this time and one never bothered to acknowledge. It’s perfectly fine. Since last night, I told myself that I just want to put a smile to someone else’s face.

And I did. And it felt good.

Happy Valentines!

I’m in a dilemma. My Boss ordered flowers from me for his Valentine “obligation”. I’m used to this as I always have arrangements made and delivered to his wife during special occasions.

The only difference is, he asked me to have arrangements done and delivered to his 2 daughters as well. At first, I felt good as this adds to my “small flower business” specially during Valentines. So I instructed my florists to prepare the orders apart from the usual clients who get from me.

This morning, my boss asked if the flowers for his eldest daughter be delivered to her office. (She works in Ortigas while the other daughter is still in college.) Since Valentine is still on Saturday, I asked him if her daughter has Saturday work. He just said to have it delivered on Friday.

Ok, so I thought. I guess he wanted it to be a surprise for his daughter. What surprised (and amused me) was he said to indicate “MD” as the sender.

Whoa! So he wanted to, probably, confuse her kid to think that she has a secret admirer?!?!?! But the initials are quite obvious. No it’s not my Boss’ initials but his designation in our company. (Really strange now.)

But what cleared things was when he later said that his wife wanted the flowers sent!!!

I couldn’t contain my laughter that I had to rush to my office and laugh the situation off.

This is another affirmation of how his wife wants to “show” other people that some soul out there is eyeing her daughter.

And the MD stands for Mommy & Daddy.

Ok, they are a client, I am the supplier. I really have no business in meddling with their decisions.

But what I am concerned about is how would the daughter feel when during the day, she would be too excited, anxious and curious, at the presence of her office colleagues, who the “dreamboat” is and only to find out when she gets home that her parents sent the flowers for her.

Oh well.

This is what I am feeling this moment. Anytime this day, I would know my fate. Whether positive or negative, I feel I can accept and handle the new challenge.

However, the waiting period is stressful. I have so much anxiety, sweating inside my cold office.

There is nothing much I can do but continue my work for the day.

One of my favorite artists of all time, Mike is popular in his native Italy and in the Philippines. His tracks have enjoyed multiple airplays that has crossovered various radio formats back in the 80s. It was his hit songs, “Friends” by Amie Stewart and “Let Me In” (my personal anthems..he he he) that made him a superstar in the Philippines with multiple platinum albums and a number of sold-out concerts.
He passed away last Friday after a lingering lung illness. The industry will surely miss this great artist.

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